Saturday, May 6, 2017


Our second episode is LIVE!!

The Overnight Stats

Sweater Count- 5
Characters- Della O'Connor, Gary Brandt, Suki Thomas, Maia Franklin, Pete Goodwin "The Prep", Ricky Schorr, Mr Abner
Romances- Love square!!  Pete-Della-Gary-Suki
Locations- Fear Island, Fear Street Woods, North Hills (the nicest neighborhood), The old abandoned old abandoned Mill (which is no longer abandoned and is now a teen dance club)
Kills- NONE, but is Abner okay?
Most dated reference- press-on nails

Mia's Theories- X-Files of Fear Street: Shadyside has a supernatural PD department?? (And if, not they totally should!!)
Cassi's Theories- Cautionary tale on the dangers of going out without supervision.
Michelle's Non-Theory- Seriously, do we not care if the teacher is okay?

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