Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Twelfth Episode: Missing

Our 12th Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

  • Featured Book: Missing (Fear Street #4) by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Missing Stats

    Characters: Mark Burroughs, Cara Burroughs, Gena Rowlings, Captain Farraday, Mr. Marcus, Roger
    Locations: Division Street, Cranford Industries, Mill Road, Hawthorne Drive, Alma's
    Fear Street Connection: The Burroughs house
    Romances: Mark/Gena
    Fashions: Cover fashion-- possible Endless Summer t-shirt??
    Kills: 2 (the dog is fine)
    Recurring Character Sightings: Cory Brooks, Dave Metcalf, Lisa Blume, Arnie Torbin, Gary Brandt
    Most Dated Reference: Swatch Watch


    Mia's Theories: Fear Woods = Drug Dens, Animals succumb to the evil that permeates the woods.  Shadyside pays people to live on Fear Street.
    Cassi's Theory: The Government is doing top-secret experiments on Fear Street.

    Cassi's PSA: Don't get into cars with people who say they're police in unmarked cars.


    Michelle-- 4.5/5 Struck Poses
    Mia-- 4.5/5 Monkey Skulls
    Cassi-- 4.5/5 Subversive Groups

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    Eleventh Episode: Broken Hearts

    Our Eleventh Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

  • Featured Book: Broken Hearts (Superchiller #4by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Broken Hearts Stats

    Characters: Erica, Josie, & Rachel McClain, Melissa Davis, Jerry Jenkman (Josie's original boyfriend), Luke Hoskins (Rachel's boyfriend), Dave Kinley (Melissa's boyfriend-- Josie's ex-boyfriend), Steve Barron (Josie's new boyfriend)
    Locations: Shadyside Riding Club, The Corner, Shadyside Indoor Rink, Fear Lake, Greetings
    Romances: Jerry/Josie/Steve, Rachel/Luke/Melissa/Dave
    Fashions: The muffler worn by Luke & 4 sweaters
    Kills: 3 and a dog :(
    Recurring Character Sightings: Cory Brooks, Dave (Donald) Metcalf, Lisa Blume
    Most Dated Reference: Cassette Tape

    Mia's Theories: Melissa can only date McClain ex's.  Supernatural Shadyside Security should be a thing. 
    Thought to Ponder: By living on Fear Street, does it make you more susceptible to being a victim or a psycho.

    Cassi's PSA: Wear a helmet. Don't be an asshole.


    Michelle-- 5/5 Ominous Locker Messages
    Mia-- 3/5 Red Wigs
    Cassi-- 3/5 Bad Poems

    Friday, February 9, 2018

    Broken Hearts Playlist

    • Happy Fear Street Friday!!  The 3 of us may not be the most **swoon** romantic types of gals, but that doesn't mean we're like Josie McClain-- heart of stone anyone??  We've had our share of heartbreak, and what do you do when your heart is broken?  Listen to epic break-up music of course!!
    • Here is a playlist we put together to celebrate our book for February: Broken Hearts (Superchiller #4).  Maybe Luke and Jerry Jenkman should have had a mixed tape of these songs and they would've been more chill...

    Fear Street Playlist-- Broken Hearts

    Friday, February 2, 2018

    Fear Street Final Girls

    In honor of Women in Horror Month, us girls at WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET are going to be doing some womenly horror posts-- starting with our favorite FINAL GIRLS on Fear Street (so far).

    Not everyone makes it off Fear Street alive. For those that do they find themselves in the most exclusive club. These women are wiser, stronger and more traumatized than any of us, but which ones are the best? Which do we look up to as true Final Girls?

    1. Nikki Meyer from The Halloween Party
    • Nikki was the only one to keep calm during Justine’s terrifying remake of the car crash her parents died in, mostly because she couldn't actually hear any of the terrible noises. Still, it’s Nikki who first suspects something weird is going on, Nikki who investigates and begins to put together the clues, and Nikki who gets them the majority of the guests out of the murder party alive. She’s smart, cool in a crisis, and has some sort of magic eyesight that let’s her lip-read through walls. She’s definitely on my “survive a night in Fear Mansion” team.

    2. Reva Dalby from Silent Night
    • Reva’s terrible. She’s mean and bitchy and selfish, but she’s also not a pushover. She’s smart and honestly, I’d rather have her with me than against me. Don’t mess with a mean girl. She will end you.

    3. Cara Burroughs from Missing
    • When Cara’s parents go missing she doesn’t lose her cool. She teams up with her brother to find them and save the day. Cara must have read a lot of Nancy Drew growing up and it paid off. She is determined to solve the mystery, save the day and reign in her brother all without breaking a sweat. Oh, and she doesn’t take any of your gaslighting BS. You’re lying and she knows it.

    1. Corky Corcoran from Cheerleaders: The First Evil
    • Obviously, I had to go with Corky. She is probably the most final girl of all the characters in this series that I have met. Not only is making sure she’s trying solve the mystery but she also has to deal with the loss of her sister. And she kicks some serious Ancient Evil ass in the first of what I assume is many dirt tornados.

    2. Dawn Rodgers from The Prom Queen and Bad Dreams
    • We joke about Dawn being in all the clubs and not really having any boyfriends but she’s freaking resilient. Not only did she survive one attempted murder, but multiple attempts.She survived being pushed down the stairs in Bad Dreams and in The Prom Queen they tried to kill her like five times. Plus for one of them, she only survived because she stole a leather jacket. Much respect for that.

    3. Lisa Blume from The New Girl and like all the books
    • Lisa was like the only character I liked in The New Girl. She was the only one who had her head on straight. Plus she totally got the brunt of the shit in that book. There were dead cats in her locker and she got pushed down the stairs. But she came out of it (relatively) unscathed and was even elected student council president at one point. Her only issue is that she’s still dating Cory. I hope he becomes a villain in a later book and she has to cut him loose.

    1. Lizzie McVay- The Prom Queen
    • She didn't fall for Justin Stiles crap, and remember when that creepy guy Lucas tried to mess with her??  She rolled the window up on his fingers and kicked his ass out of her car.  She also gave a hell of a fight at the end of Prom Queen, and held the murderer down until the cops arrived.

    2. Della O’Connor- The Overnight
    • When dude tried to attack her, she pushed him down a ravine.  Sure, she made some bad decisions after that, but in the end she did NOT need Gary or Pete to save her, she saved herself... oh and she'll shoot you in the face with a ZAP gun with zero fucks given.

    3. Kimmy Bass-- Cheerleaders Trilogy
    • I don’t like her, okay??  But she survives a lot of ancient evil shizzzzzz.  Including…. Well, I don’t want to spoil books 2 & 3 for Cassi, but she fucking GETS it in those books.

    Who are your fave Final Girls in Shadyside??

    Monday, January 22, 2018

    Tenth Episode: The New Year's Party

    Our Tenth Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!! 

  • Featured Book: The New Year's Party (Superchiller #9by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Cover:

  • New Year's Party Stats

    Characters: Reenie Baker, Greta Sorenson, Artie Hodges, Ty Lanford, Sean, Sandi Burke, Marc Bentley, Liz/Beth, PJ/Jeremy
    Locations: Red Heat, Two Cute, Burger Basket, Old Mill Road
    Romances: Artie/Greta/PJ, Reenie/Sean
    Fashions: Plaid shirt w/ ripped jeans, Sweater OVER a turtleneck, Short black dress w/ a sparkly vest & sheer black stockings
    Kills: 5 (or 3)
    Recurring Character Sightings: Deena Martinson, Corky Corcoran, Ricky Schorr, Pete Goodwin, Lisa Blume, Justin Stiles
    Most Dated Reference: Snail Mail (although there were 1960's references galore)

    Mia's Theories: This is a glitch in the Matrix, You can't come back as a ghost unless you A. die on Fear Street and B. are a teenager
    Cassi's Theories: All the books are happening during the same school year.
    Michelle's Theory: The ancient evil possesses all cars driven by teenagers.

    Cassi's PSA: Don't walk on frozen water.


    Michelle-- 3/5 Halloween Reboots
    Mia-- 2/5
    Cassi-- 4/5 Abandoned Mansions

    Tuesday, January 9, 2018

    Ninth Episode: Silent Night

    Our Eighth Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is available!!!

  • Featured Book: Silent Night (Superchiller #2by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
  • Follow us on Twitter: @fearstpodcast
  • Email us: fearstreetpodcast@gmail.com
  • Cover:

    • Other Covers in the series:

    Silent Night Stats

    Characters: Reva Dalby, Michael Dalby (6), Pam Dalby, Hank Davis, Mickey Waley, Lissa Dewey, Mitch Castelona, Foxy, Clay Parker, Robb Spring
    Locations: Dalby's (on Division Street), 7-11 on Mission Street
    Romances: Pshhhht, you know Reva loves only Reva
    Fashions: Chinos!!!  Sweaters (8)!!!
    Kills: 3
    Recurring Character Sightings: None
    Most Dated Reference: Shoulder Pads baby!!!

    Mia's Theories: Fear Street is leaking, Fear Street Mutant Powers??, 99% of the police budget is the Fear Street Division
    Cassi's Theories: Mr. Dalby = Ocean's 11

    Cassi's PSA: Don't be a boyfriend stealer & don't open packages leaking blood.


    Michelle-- 3.5/5 Boyfriend Stealers
    Mia-- 3.5/5 Deparment Store Mannequins
    Cassi-- 4/5 Superfluous Car Chases

    Friday, December 8, 2017

    Mini Review - Midsummer Night's Scream

    This week on #FearStreetFriday we take a shallow dive into the pages of R.L. Stine's mash-up of Shakespeare and Slasher movies, A Midsummer Night's Scream

    Were there masks in this book?

    60 years ago three teens died in horrifying accidents while filming Mayhem Manor. Now Claire and her friends have been cast in the remake being produced by Claire’s father’s studio (talk about nepotism).

    It’s not long before the teens find themselves having the same accidents as the cast from 60 years ago! And because that’s not strange enough, there’s a creepy troll named Benny in a mysterious trailer filled with magic potions.

    This book was bonkers! Part Fear Street in LA and part that one episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark with the leprechaun and the troll, but all ridiculous fun.

    Full disclosure, I have this weird eye strain thing right now so I listened to the audio book version and fell asleep for like 40 minutes during the climax, BUT that did not stop my enjoyment of this romp through Stine’s weird brain.

    First of all, I love how Claire and her friends are kind of shallow and terribly spoiled, but none of them are complete wastes of space. They’re just teenagers and they’re a lot of fun even when they do or say something that deserves a slap (which is often). Just don’t expect anyone to mature or learn a lesson in this book. These kids give Reva Dalby a run for her money in the lack of self-awareness department.

    Then there’s the way Stine doesn’t mess around with his kills. Don’t expect a fake out cliffhanger on every chapter. Even though he had the perfect stage for pranks and fake outs, every broken neck and melted face counts. No take-backs in this book.

    And my favorite part of this book is how Stine seems to be completely unaware that some genres shouldn’t mix. Are we having a fun romp full of magic potion mix-ups and teenaged pining or is this a slasher movie that knocks off it’s cast (pun intended) one by one until it’s just the final girl against the killer? Stine doesn’t think he needs to choose. He gives us the “best” of both worlds.

    And if anyone wants to tell me what Bad Guy McBaderson's motivations were, I would be much obliged. I slept through that part.

    I give this one 3/5 aging potions.