Monday, May 20, 2019

Twenty-Fifth Episode: Runaway

Our 25th Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

Felicia Fletcher makes the stupid mistake of running TO Fear Street instead of away from it.  Now, she's hiding out (aka squatting) on the infamous street, going to high school (why??), and trying to avoid the jealous girlfriend of a guy she's been kissing.  Can all of this keep her distracted from what happened before she ran away?

  • Featured Book: Runaway (Fear Street #41) by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Runaway Stats

    Characters: Felicia Fletcher/Smith, Nick, Zan (Alexandria), Doug Gaynor (RIP), Barry, Debbie Wilson, a dude named "Homicide"
    Locations: Ridgely College, The Burger Basket, The Donut Hole, Shadyside High School
    Fear Street Connection: 627 Fear Street
    Romances: Felicia/Nick/Zan
    Fashions: Wet clothes chic
    Sweaters: 0
    Kills: 2
    Recurring Character Sightings: None
    Most Dated Reference: Payphone


    Mia: Shadyside is a parallel dimension: and leaving it brings you to places all around to country.

    Cassi's PSA: Peer Pressure is bad... it's a slippery slope between weed & telekinetic murder


    Michelle-- 4/5 Soul Asylum Songs
    Mia-- 4.5/5 Telekinetic Murders
    Cassi-- 4/5 Fringe Jackets


    • Reading: She's been moving
    • Watching: Demon Street (web-series)

    Monday, April 1, 2019

    Twenty-Fourth Episode: Sleepwalker

    Our 24th Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

    Mayra Barnes has a new summer job... on Fear Street.  That was her first mistake, her second was dating a guy who does stage magic, and her third was not doing what the cat says.  When she starts sleepwalking, she can't help but think it's her "old lady w/ a young face" boss casting a spell... but also a dude with a giant neck is stalking her, so what's that about???

  • Featured Book: The Sleepwalker (Fear Street #6) by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Sleepwalker Stats

    Characters: Mayra Barnes, Mrs. Cottler, Walker, Link, Donna Cash, Stephanie (Link's sister), Mr. Kleeg (aka Mr. Clean), Dr. Sterne, Cal
    Locations: Ray's Pizza Place, The Division Street Mall, Clothes Call, Lake Monolac
    Fear Street Connection: Mrs. Cottler's House, Fear Lake, & Cal's House
    Romances: Mayra/Walker/Suki
    Fashions: Day-Glo green shorts & matching midriff top
    Sweaters: 1
    Kills: 1
    Recurring Character Sightings: Suki Thomas, Pete Goodwin, Dr. Sterne
    Most Dated Reference: Garfield the cat PJ's


    SO MANY.

    Cassi's PSA: Don't date anyone who is into stage magic.


    Michelle-- 4.5/5 Billy Joel songs (In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep)
    Mia-- 3.5/5 Cat Familiars
    Cassi-- 2.5/5 Teleporting Cats



    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Twenty-Third Episode: Double Date

    Our 23rd Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

    Bobby Newkirk sucks!!!  After working his way through the cheerleading squad, Bobby "full of himself" Newkirk decides to bet himself that he can date a set of twins at the same time.  The problem with that (besides the fact that it's gross)??  The Wade twins live on Fear Street-- and one of them might be crazy.... murderously crazy.  Muahahahahhaa.

  • Featured Book: Double Date (Fear Street #23) by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Double Date Stats

    Characters: Bobby Newkirk, Bree & Samantha Wade, Arnie, Paul, Melanie Harris, Kimmy Bass
    Locations: The Mill (old abandoned), Division Street Mall, River Ridge, The Corner, The Gold Barn, Pete's Pizza
    Fear Street Connection: Wade House (the "last" house on Fear Street)
    Romances: Sam/Bobby/Bree
    Fashions: Another disgusting vest-- this one is SILKY
    Sweaters: NONE!
    Kills: NONE! (not cool)
    Recurring Character Sightings: Ronnie Mitchell, Kimmy Bass, Suki Thomas, David Metcalf, Cory Brooks, Arnie
    Most Dated Reference: The one strap backpack

    Possible Band Names:

    The Dry Heaves
    The Hot Bods
    The Emotional Ones
    Thrills and Chills
    The Chicken Livered Wimps
    Plastic Monkey Heads
    Cannibal Ants

    Songs Bobby wrote during the duration of DOUBLE DATE:

    "Was she trying to make me feel bad?"
    "Bree doesn't know (don't tell Bree)"
    "Who's the man (you the man)"
    "Am I a bet?"
    "I wish I was double-jointed"
    "Too bad she can't dance"
    "Melanie (is having a cow)"
    "It's so easy to control girls"
    "She's even weird about pizza"
    "I got zapped"


    We had nothing to say besides BOBBY NEWKIRK sucks.  And the driving theory was clearly upheld (teens MUST drive like aholes in Shadyside).

    Cassi's PSA: Only Date 1 person at a time.  Also, don't date Bobby Newkirk.


    Michelle-- 4/5 I want to ride and ride and ride
    Mia-- 3/5 Temporary Tattoos
    Cassi-- 3/5 Terrible Bandnames



    Friday, February 15, 2019

    Fear Street Friday-- We Will Go Down With These Ships

    Happy Valentine's Day(ish) Fear Street fans!!

    We're not the most romance-centric bunch that you'd ever meet, but in honor of the holiday we decided to share with you our ultimate ships (romantic relationships we like) and OTPs (One True Pairs).  We broke it down into Fear Street (which was super hard because these Shadyside High relationships are NOT good) AND our other favorite ships from TV/Movies/Books.

    (PS- Click on the book covers for more info about them)

    AND if your Valentine's Day didn't rock-- we've got you covered with THESE break-up songs to rock-out to!!

    Fear Street Ships

    Dawn/Leather Jacket - Prom Queen

    • Dawn and that Leather Jacket have been through a lot together. She saved it from a life of the unfashionable and it saved her from a knife.  Plus, in true Fear Street mode, she stole if from her "friend".

    Angelica/Simon - The Burning

    • Dark powers, evil schemes and more money than they know what to do with. Angelica and Simon were meant to be together. They're two peas in a homicidal pod, except Angelica's better with magic. They should have stayed in New Orleans and continued to force their will on the rest of the high society fodder. 

    Other Ships

    Joey/Pacey - Dawson's Creek

    • The OTP to beat all OTPs. Pacey is still the perfect guy and around him Joey becomes much more bearable. I've been a Pacey/Joey 'shipper since that episode in season 1 where they have to do the horny frog science project together. So romantic. 

    Faith/Wesley - Angel the Series

    • This 'ship comes with caveats. I only 'ship Faith/Wesley season 3 of Angel and beyond; after Faith and Wesley have both hit rock bottom and are starting to figure out how to make up for the shit they've pulled. They're both angsty and contrite and perfect for each other. 

    Chuck/Blair - Gossip Girl

    • This one is simple. They're both too smart and too classy for everyone else in NYC. The only good parts of Gossip Girl were Chuck and Blair scheming together. I love scheming Chuck and Blair!

    Fear Street Ships

    Della & Pete- The Overnight OTP

    • These 2 are totally endgame-- I mean it's the least dysfunctional relationship in Shadyside that we've seen so far!

    Cory- The New Girl & Lea- The Secret Bedroom

    • I'm shipping these 2 because they're both stalkers and probably belong together?  Lea may not have been as straight up stupid as Corey, but she sure was as dense.  Girl was always showing up places thinking she was going to get with Don-- NEWS FLASH, he's just not that into you!!  With that kind of commitment to a non-real romance, I think she's perfect for Corey.

    Other Ships

    Joey and Pacey- Dawson's Creek OTP

    • Is there a fictional character better than Pacey Witter??  When there is a love triangle, I'm usually on the wrong side of it-- so when this actually happened?!?!?!?  Well, let's just say the series finale is one of my most watched episodes of any show ever (that and, of course, the K-Mart lock-in episode).

    Movie Katniss & Peeta- The Hunger Games

    • Book Katniss and Peeta did not do it for me.  In the book, Katniss is SO understandably messed-up and emotionally closed off.  In the movie, Katniss fucking LOVES Peeta and it is NOT an act for the capitol.  I felt that love.

    Dylan & Brenda- Beverly Hills 90210

    • Brenda and Dylan forever.  If you shipped Dylan & Kelly or Dylan & whoever else on this show, you were wrong and I will fight you over it :)

    Cinder & Thorne- The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

    • If you read the Lunar Chronicles series, you know that Cinder is meant to be with Kai and Thorne is meant to be with Cress.  And to that I say: NO!!  Cress is SO annoying and definitely not socially ready to be in a relationship.  And Cinder had so much more chemistry with Thorne than she did with Kai.  I knew it wasn't going to happen, but in my head it did!!

    Fear Street Ship

    Corky and Ricky- The New Year's Party

    • I know you both hate me for this but I seriously do ship them, not even joking.  One thing you will notice in a lot of my ships is that I like when they play with the trope and the girl is the heroic one and I feel like these two fall into that. Plus I like the idea that they met in a Fear Street support group where they were like "BITCH, I GOT FUCKED UP IN TWO BOOKS!"

    Other Ships

    Veronica and Logan in Veronica Mars

    • This is another example of the female being the hero. But also, their love story is epic spanning years and continents, ruined lives and bloodshed, because they don't write songs about the ones that are easy.

    Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt- Parks and Recreation

    • I identify hardcore with these two, like I am a weird combination of Leslie and Ben. So them getting together felt like validation. Plus they are just so damn cute.

    Kaz & Inej- Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

    • In terms of most romances, I like a slowburn. And this relationship is quite the slowburn. These two had me wanting them to get together for so long that even them holding hands felt like the sweetest and most romantic thing.

    Katniss and Peeta- The Hunger Games

    • I'm adding this one to the list because because there was so much discussion of Team Peeta or Team Gale and this was a time where it was so rare for me to ship a couple that is actually endgame. I've blocked out all my ships that never sailed but this one I remember.

    Ronan & Adam- The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater

    • This one is fresh in my mind because the title and cover for the new Ronan book was just released. But I was not initially a shipper of these two but then when I saw the subtle clues of their feelings I was in it hardcore. So much so that I even fell down a fan art rabbit hole.

    Talk to us!!  What are your OTPs??  Do you have any non-canon ships??  Are you a Pacey/Joey, Dylan/Brenda person?? (Hahahah, what am I saying, of course you are!!).

    Monday, February 4, 2019

    Twenty Second Episode: Ski Weekend

    Our 22nd Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is now available!!

    Ariel, Doug, and Shannon may not be in Shadyside anymore, but that doesn't mean they're safe.  Traveling in a snowstorm with a stranger AND a girl who lives on Fear Street AND a dude who drives in the snow like an asshat probably aren't the best choices... but taking the "country road" over the highway & going to a rando house in the woods w/ more strangers just might get them killed...

  • Featured Book: Ski Weekend (Fear Street #10) by R.L. Stine
  • Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole
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  • Cover:

  • Ski Weekend Stats

    Characters: Doug, Ariel, Shannon, Red, Eva, Lou Hitchcock
    Locations: Pineview Lodge & the mouse house
    Fear Street Connection: Ariel's House (maybe Shannon)
    Romances: Ariel/Red, Shannon/Doug
    Fashions: Green corduroy "slacks"
    Sweaters: 5
    Kills: 2
    Recurring Character Sightings: None-- not even a Gary Bandt mention?!?!?
    Most Dated Reference: "I got the tape"


    Mia's Theories: Lou was putting them on edge by acting like a loose cannon-- it was all calculated.
    Living on Fear Street gives you psychic powers: Ariel.

    Michelle's Theory: Driving theory (that all teens must drive like a-holes) upheld.

    Cassi's PSA: Stranger Danger


    Michelle-- 4.5/5 Last Icefall (hopefully) aka "I hate these meeces to pieces"
    Mia-- 5/5 Future Medical Examiners
    Cassi-- 4/5 Frozen Snowballs