Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Jobs: Best and Worst

Happy #FearStreetFriday podcast friends!!  In honor of our latest episode, THE DEAD LIFEGUARD, we're talking about summer jobs.  In high school and college, we've all had jobs for the summer, some we liked, some we loathed-- and we're going to tell you about the best and worst of them.

Of course, our jobs were no North Beach Country Club-- which was both awesome and terrible at the same time (awesome because they got to LIVE there with a personal chef and limited supervision, terrible because.... well, the body count). For more about just how terrible NBCC is check out this month's podcast. For more on our favorite and least favorite jobs, keep reading.


Gen Con 

  •  I'm not sure if this counts as it's only a week long, but volunteering at Gen Con used to be the highlight of my summer. A week long gaming vacation in milwaukee (currently in Indianapolis) where I was the kid willing to do all the crap jobs just for the chance to play some games or hang out with the special guests (like the time I got to hang out with James Marsters!). I wouldn't give up those exhausting, hella fun weeks for anything.


Server at Denny's

  • My summer jobs were also my after school jobs and my first was enough to turn me off restaurant jobs forever. I was a server at the Denny’s in front of the under 21 club, Jetz. Between knife fights, working through Christmas, and working the Sunday after church brunch crowd I never want to step into a Denny’s again.


Six Flags Ride Operator

  • I worked at a Six Flags for five summers so I must have liked it. My first summer was after my senior year of high school and I got a job as a ride operator. You know, those people who check your seat belts and come over the speaker to say a whole thing about how you should be careful that no one ever listens to? Yup, that was me. They originally put me on the wooden roller coaster and it was an all girls crew and then the boys on the Superman got in trouble so we had to switch rides. My final summer I worked as a team leader in the children's part and all I did was teach teenagers how to run the rides and make sure they didn't mess up. I did clean up a lot of puke though. And I got heat exhaustion once. That wasn't fun. But there were also good perks. Like free  admission to the park, a guest pass with every paycheck, and our Six Flags had a preforming arts center so I got to meet a lot of musicians. Like two members of the Backstreet Boys. I checked Howie's seat belt. 


Day camp counselor

  • I didn't have any really terrible jobs. One year after college I worked for an after school program and they had a summer camp that I had to work at. Basically there were hundreds of kids that we would have to entertain for the afternoons after some of them went to summer school and others just showed up. Mostly it was a lot of board games, kickball, and trips to educational things they had no interest in like science museums and botanical gardens. But I did get to go to the zoo twice. 


Pittsburgh Pirates customer service rep

  • One summer I worked for the Pittsburgh Pirates (the major league baseball team in Pittsburgh), and I gotta tell you it was pretty fun.  I got to see a lot of the players behind the scenes and worked over every inch of the park.  PNC Park has some of the best city views in sports period.  It's consistently ranked in the top of "Best Baseball Stadiums" lists from Travel and Leisure and USA Today.  It's just a really nice place to be.  Plus, fireworks nights, and we got free stuff a lot, and almost all of the fans I interacted with were awesome.


Wal-Mart cashier

  • Meh.  I'm sure there are MUCH worse summer jobs out there, but I wasn't that fond of being a cashier at Wal-Mart for that one summer in college.  I mean, nothing bad happened, and the people I worked for were (for the most part) really nice.  It's just PEOPLE, ya know??  Customers at Wal-Mart are all types of people-- and some of them are RUDE.  And some of them have 9999999 coupons.  And some of them buy roasted chicken at 8 A.M. when I'm hungover.

But that's just our terrible jobs. To find out more about why working at North Beach Country Club would have been so terrible, what we mean when we say she was "hot dead," and what Cassi thinks happens to every character who has the same name as her, check out this month's podcast for our thoughts on THE DEAD LIFEGUARD!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fourth Episode: The Dead Lifeguard

Fourth Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is available!!

The Dead Lifeguard Stats

Characters-- Lindsay Beck, Danny, May-Ann Delacroix, Spencer Brown, Cassie Harlow, Pug, Dierdre Webb, Arnie, Pete Harris, Marissa Dutton, and someone named Mouse

Locations-- Fear Street, 212 Fear Street, Burned Out Fear Mansion, North Beach Country Club
Romances-- May-Ann and Pete, Pug and everyone (mostly Cassie), Arnie and nobody
Fashions -- White high tops, red bandana, spandex bike shorts with an over-sized t-shirt, and muscle shirts with faded jean cuttoffs. 1/2 a sweater which was actually a Shadyside sweatshirt
Kills-- Three. Two during the book and three before.
Suki sighting-- Nope. She's way too cool to go to this weird  swimming club in the middle of nowhere
Most Dated Reference-- Calling the Operator and a Walkman. Also referring to people as having "hot bods."

Mia's Theories-- Shadyside is an asylum for the criminally insane and these books are just the characters telling their story to their therapist, or these characters are dead and in purgatory and this is just where they do to work through their issues. Also, Fear Street is a never-ending street that goes on forever.
Cassi's PSA-- The real killer is melanoma. But also bullying. Don't pick on people because they might die and then they're friend will try to kill you.


Michelle - 2 out of 5 "Suspicious Moles"
Cassi - 3.5 out of 5 "B Plots"
Mia - 3 out of 5 "Mice Figurines"

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fave 90's books besides Fear Street

Happy #FearStreetFriday podcast friends!!  This week we're talking about our favorite 90's books-- or basically what we were reading in the 90's.  Most of them were published in the 90's, but we have a few late 80's books that crossed over.

**don't judge our taste in 90's books-- we were mostly tweens while reading this stuff!!

  • Forbidden Games by LJ Smith -  A game that comes to life, German mythology, cyberpunk bad boy gods, and the last book takes place in Kennywood, what more could you want in a YA trilogy? How about a MC who goes from subdued doormat who defines herself by her boyfriend to total independent BAMF who saves her friends and doesn’t sacrifice her empathetic nature to do it? Yeah, it’s got that. It’s also got creepy fey, bugs, evil clones, and a whole host of other disturbing imagery to keep you going. Seriously, there is a reason why this is still one of my favorite trilogies of all time.
  • Nightmare Hall by Diane Hoh - I love horror and stories that are set in the same place with a cast of different characters every time. Add in a few Easter eggs from previous books and I’m sold. These books took place at Salem University so you know everyone’s doomed from the beginning. Add in a haunted dorm, several serial killers and chemistry experiments that go horribly wrong and you’ve basically written my all of my favorite things. I’ve recently been re-reading these books and some of them hold up very well 20 years later.
  • Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick - Technically this book was published in 1989, but I read it for the first time in the 90s and I was hooked. The delightfully old-fashioned named Martha has just moved into the creepiest house ever and is quite content to spend her days making friends and avoiding her new step-brother. Then the phone calls start and she swears someone is in her room at night. This book has all the classic horror tropes and I love all of them.
  • The Babysitter's Club by Ann M. Martin - Does this one even need an explanation? It was a right of passage for tween girls (and boys!) in the 90s to declare that they were a Stacey or a Kristy or a Claudia and to try to start their own BSC even though nobody ever called the number they dutifully printed onto 100 flyers and then stapled them to every phone poll in the town without their parents’ permission. Don’t lie. You did it too. And just so we’re clear, I wanted to be a Stacey, but I will never be as NYC Cool as she is.
  • The Immortal Series by Tamora Pierce Listen, I understand Allana is the end-all be-all and I agree. She’s BAMF as hell, but I love Veralidaine Sarasi. She is my favorite Tamora Pierce heroine (Tess is a very close second. I love ginger’s with bad attitudes) and I’ve read this quartet so many times they’re falling apart.
  • The Carnival Ghost (Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #3) by Francine Pascal - I read every Sweet Valley series from Kids to University (and even the Sweet Valley Senior Year), but this book was a particular favorite of mine. It was one of the scariest books I had read at the time. Elizabeth meets a girl at a traveling carnival and ends up spending all her time with her. Little does Elizabeth know that Claire is a ghost who wants Elizabeth to be FRIENDS FOREVER...mwuahhahaha. 
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer by multiple authors - Buffy was the defining series in my life. It helped make me into the feminist I am today so of course I read the books! These books started as short little episodes that fit neatly into the Buffy series wherever you wanted them to, but as the show developed so did the books. Some of my favorites are the Slayer Anthologies and With Malice, the Faith book, but there’s a special place in my heart for the one where Pike returns! 
  • California Diaries by Ann M. Martin This was the edgier, more realistic spin-off to the Babysitter’s Club. It takes place after Dawn moves back to California, but the We <3 Kids Club is dead and the girls are dealing with sick mothers, anorexia, and new friends. I don’t think this series lasted very long, but I loved it. Maggie was my favorite.

  • American Girl books by Many - what adolescent girl in the 90's didn't love the American Girl books and dolls. These were the books that made me a reader. I was obsessed with them. I read every last one. And of course I owned a doll. Kirsten. My sister had Molly.
  • Dear America series by Many - These were similar to American Girl but each book was a different character and a different time period. I very specifically remember the one of the Mayflower, Oregon Trail, and Titanic. Apparently as a kid I liked journeys.
  • Babysitter's Club by Ann M. Martin - Obviously I loved the Babysitter's Club. I wanted to start a babysitter's club, or just babysit which was not as fun as this book made it out to be. But I never started any club because I thought I was a Kristy but really I'm a Mallory.
  • Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Walker - I was obsessed with this books. Whenever I went exploring in the woods behind my house I always hoped I would find an abandoned boxcar that I could live in and solve mysteries.
  • Goosebumps by R.L. Stine - I may not have read any Fear Street books but I did read plenty of Goosebumps. I remember checking every last book out of the public library and being so entertained by them. I remember Welcome to Horrorland, Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, and The Horror at Camp Jellyjam to this day because I think they gave me irrational fears.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure by Many - I mean these were the best. It was so fun following the directions and turning to different pages, only to die because a dinosaur ate you, then turning back to that other page, and then getting annoyed and just giving up. That was reading in the 90's.
  • Hatchet by Gary Paulsen - I LOVED this book. I think I had to read it for school but I thought it was totally fascinating and then I chose to read the next books in the series, The River and Brian's Winter. How did Brian survive on his own? I don't know but much respect to him for that. Do you think today Brian has his own Survivor Man type show because I'd watch that.
  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton - I very specifically remember reading this book in 6th grade as we drove two hours to get our new puppy. I think my teacher was like "you can't read that book, it's too advanced." I was like "shut up, I do what I want" but maybe a little less aggressive. 

  • The Face on the Milk Carton series by Caroline B. Cooney-- I loved the premise of these books-- basically that Janie sees herself as a small child on a milk carton and realizes her parents may not be her parents for real.  It was intense and addicting.
  • Witch Saga by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor-- This series was TECHNICALLY published in the late 80's, but I didn't read it until the early 90's.  It's about 2 girls that are trying to prove that their neighbor is a witch.
  • the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate-- Okay, so the name is weird... but this series was a total guilty pleasure for me.  It's about this group of kids that live on an island which you need to ride a ferry to get to from the mainland.  It was super dramatic and awesome-- and it was even relaunched a few years ago under the name The Islanders.
  • Fabulous Five series by Betsey Haynes-- This is another late 80's series that crossed over into the 90's and I LOVED it.  It was a spin-off from the Taffy Sinclair books (which I also loved) and Jana Morgan was legit.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 book series by various authors-- I was Beverly Hills 90210 obsessed in the early 90's.  So obsessed in fact, that I adored these books written about the series .  I can only imagine how terrible they probably were.  Brenda & Dylan FOREVER.
  • Glass Slippers Give You Blisters by Mary Jane Auch-- This was one of those Troll Book Order or Book Fair books that I fell in love with.  It's about a girl who is trying to find her place by being involved in the school's production of Cinderella.  I remember being in LOVE with the descriptions of the set and lighting design that she works on.
  • Where the Heart is by Billie Letts-- So, I'm skipping ahead to the late 90's when my mom bought this book because it was one of Oprah's Book Club books.  I fell in love with the girl who had her baby in Wal-Mart and then when the movie came out, I was even more OBSESSED.
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul by Jack Canfield--  Like I said above, don't judge, but I was INTO these books.  Actually, they inspired me to want to put together my own anthology of teens' stories that were a little more dark & edgy.  Although, I had no idea how to go about doing that and no one would help me :(


What books did you enjoy reading in the 90's??  Were any of these your faves?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Our Ultimate 90's Prom Looks

Because we read THE PROM QUEEN as our June book-- we decided we needed to share with the world our Ultimate 90's Prom Looks!!  There's pretty much nothing we love better than reminiscing about 90's pop culture and fashion, so creating book looks for a 90's prom book was a no-brainer!

  • Cassi's look gives us such 90's vibes.  The acid washed jean jacket??  The cut of that black dress.  Iridescent fabric??  Silver sparkles?  SO 90's.
  • Also, see that brass knuckles clutch? Not only can it hold your wallet and extra makeup but it doubles as a weapon which is essential in Shadyside.
  • Note: Cassi actually wore a jean jacket to her prom, so this look is semi-autobiographical :)

  • Mia's look definitely gives us 90's prom horror vibes!!
  • What 90's prom look would be complete without the mini-butterfly claws for your hair?
  • And platform heels with the thick heel are SO 90's.
  • Ahh the tube dress-- such a 90's staple.

  • Okay, so MAYBE Michelle was inspired by Bianca's dress in 10 Things I Hate About You??  (Psst-- she totally was!!)
  • Do you even see that hairstyle??
  • And more platform heels. A 90's girl can never have too many platform heels.

So, what would your 90's Prom Look look like??

PS-- Our PROM QUEEN EPISODE is currently available for listening!!  It was our fave book so far, and it was a lot of fun to talk about.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Third Episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is available!!

The Prom Queen Stats

Characters-- Dawn Rodgers, Rachel West, Elizabeth McVay, Elane Potter, Simone Perry

Locations-- Fear Street Woods, Halsey Manor House, Pete's Pizza, Division Street Mall, North Hills, Ferrara's, Fear Street Cemetery, Shadyside Park
Romances-- Justin & Everybody, Rachel-Gideon-Elena, Lizzie & Kevin
Kills-- WE HAVE KILLS THIS TIME!!! 4 Kills!! 5 if we're counting the raccoon Lizzie ran over.
Suki sighting-- YES!!!  Suki makes a slutty appearance!
Most Dated Reference--Pay Phone and something called a scrungie???

Mia's Theories-- R.L. Stine really likes Sherlock and other books that were published as serials and that's why he ends every chapter with a cliffhanger.
Cassi's PSA-- Don't cheat. Otherwise known as "virgins live and sluts die."

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Rules

So your parents forced you to move into an old house with hidden passages and there's a burnt out mansion outside your bedroom window. Or maybe you grew up in a small house at the beginning of Fear Street and the dark and terrifying has just started to worm it’s way into your life. Congratulations, you’re the protagonist in a Fear Street novel!

I know what you’re thinking, how do I make it out of this alive and with all my body parts intact? The real answer is, you probably don’t have a chance, but there are a few precautions you can take to survive a Fear Street novel. On this addition to Fear Street Fridays, we present to you...

The 5 rules one must abide by to survive a Fear Street Novel

  1. Never date the mysterious newcomer
    The guy or gal you see in the hallway that always seems to appear out of nowhere and nobody else has ever heard of is not the person of your dreams! They are either a) dead b) a murderer c) both. Just spend some time with your next door neighbor or maybe ask out someone from the chess club. They never seem to be involved in satanic rituals or dares that go horribly wrong.

  2. Don't have a younger sibling
    If you already have a younger sibling you may want to consider locking your door at night because said younger sibling is jealous of you and will try to murder you. Honestly, it’s better just to not have one in the first place. Maybe there’s an old cuckoo clock in your new house that can help you take care of that?

  3. Don't go on any trips or vacations
    So it’s been a few weeks on Fear Street and all the weird shit is starting to get to you. You start to think, “I need to get out of here for a while and clear my head. Nothing could go wrong if I’m not even on Fear Street, right?” WRONG. You’re tainted now. There’s nothing you can do to get away from it. If you go on vacation or up to visit your significant other at school everything will go batshit while your guard’s down. It’s better to stay home where at least you know to be cautious.

  4. Don't join the cheerleader squad
    I know the pom poms and lifts look fun. Everyone, once in their life, wonders what it’s like to be the girl at the top of the pyramid, but don’t give into temptation. Sure, at a normal school you’d have to worry about becoming one of the bitchy popular girls or being peer pressured to take diet pills to lose those last pesky 5 lbs, but this is Shadyside High. Here it’s all demon possessions and dead bodies in the locker room. Not something that looks good on a college application.

  5. Don't go to Shadyside University
    Are you kidding? You managed to survive 18 years on the most terrifying street, in the most terrifying town in America and instead of getting out as fast as you can you choose to stay local for college? Are you nuts? This is your last chance! Get out now! Run as fast as you can and never look back!

One last piece of advice: stay away from anyone named Fear or Goode. Those relationships never end well.

Those are the rules. Follow them and maybe today won't be your last. Good luck!

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Geography of the Fear Street Series

Welcome to Shadyside: 
Pro Tip... Stay off of Fear Street. But to be entirely honest, you're not much safer anywhere else.

Happy Fear Street Friday! We are trying a new thing here on the blog where we post something on Fridays. It probably won't be every Friday because we're busy and have jobs, kids, other blogs, boyfriends, cats to worry about. But check back on Fridays for fun posts and other content.

So there is something you should know about me. I love maps. Like seriously. More than the average person. I once joked to a friend that I would be perfectly happy wallpapering my apartment with maps. And honestly, I've kind of low key done that. I have about six maps taking up one wall in my apartment.

So in preparation for our future podcasts and to help you all (and myself) get accustomed to the town of Shadyside, Ohio I thought I would share this map and some of the landmarks from the Fear Street series. This is not the best map and it's kind of hard to make everything out but here it is in all it's glory.


Some places of note...

1.) Fear Street
Obviously we have to start at Fear Street. The namesake of the series can be found on the south southwestern part of town. In case you didn't find it right away by the fact that it's COLORED RED! It's that evil I guess. They really leave little to the imagination. Also important to note, the cemetery isn't the entire street. It's actually pretty small. My favorite part about it though is that at the very end of the street is a pretty sweet covered bridge. HISTORIC!

2.) The Burned Out Fear Mansion
Do you see if there in the top left corner? The home of the Fear family that is heavily featured in the Fear Street Saga. In the first book they give the impression it's basically a heap of ashes but in this picture it is literally on fire. They do say there's a fire that won't go out on the street so is that the mansion? Now I'm with Michelle, where is the Unsolved Mysteries guy?

3.) The Old Abandoned Old Abandoned Mill
Wow, that is super close to Fear Street. No wonder shit goes down there. In one book this abandoned mill close to Fear Street is a cool teen hang out probably because R.L. Stine had just watched Footloose and was like "wow, those dance moves are top notch." Then in The Overnight the town has decided to make it a legit dance club because, why no? Although I do appreciate their consideration to reuse abandoned buildings.

4.) North Hills
I know it's confusing because it's pictured in the bottom right but that is the north side of town. North Hills this is the fancy neighborhood where basically all our protagonists live. Because so far only bad things have happened to rich kids. Which honestly, I'm not arguing with. Plus North Hills is another Pittsburgh place that makes us feel like it takes place here.

5.) Shadyside High School
Located just outside of North Hills, this is a fixture in most of the books because they are about teenagers. It is the location of feats of gymnastic prowess, dead cats in lockers, school dances where people get pushed down stairs, Outdoor Club meetings, and play practices where dead bodies appear. Just to name a few. I'm sure there will be me more to report later.

6.) Fear Island
There it is just behind the Fear Mansion and in the absolute middle of nowhere. As we know from The Overnight it's in the middle of the woods, in the middle of a lake which holds up on this map. Plus it's full of maybe not so deep cliffs and is an Indian burial ground. Perfect place for a camping trip, amiright? In a town full of mysterious happens who thinks to go to the most secluded part of time? These dummies I guess.

7.) Division Street Mall
Wow, the mall is super close to the high school. That is either a really good decision or a really bad decision. If I could walk to the mall in high school I probably would have spent way more time there than I already did. But it makes sense that these characters do just that.

That's all the key locations I have for now. There are at least two pizza places lurking around the town but it's hard to zoom in to find them. I'm sure more interesting places will pop up as we read more books. There has to be some sort of beach or pool based on the upcoming summer reads we have planned, and I'm intrigued by what they have labeled the "Old Village."

I hope you enjoyed this proverbial stroll through Shadyside as much as I did. And I hope now, like me, you have a better understanding of what Shadyside looks like and where everything is. Now when they mention stuff we can refer back to this map. That'll be cool, right? No? It won't be. Whatever.

Thanks for stopping by and reading everything. Don't forget to subscribe. You can find us everywhere that podcasts are found. You can also follow us here on the blog for more. But just remember... Come to Fear Street and YOU'RE DEAD!