Monday, May 8, 2017

The Overnight: Michelle's Book Look

I make a lot of Book Looks over on my blog, so I decided I'm going to do them here too when it works out for the book we're reading.

  • The Overnight had some great outfit descriptions (mostly for Suki), so I went with it and found some things that these campers would be wearing.

  • Suki-- she wears a G&R shirt and "Reebok's with the strap"-- okay white Reebok high-tops, maybe I'm embellishing the strap, but it was the 90's, so chances are the strap was there!!

  • Della-- I just think she should wear this Eat Sleep Camp shirt because I think it's cute for The Outdoors Club.

Since it's the 90's-- CAMP ANAWANNA shirts for ALL.

And everyone gets a sweater.  Because R.L. Stine likes his sweaters.  And you KNOW one has to be a turtleneck!

THE OVERNIGHT Podcast Episode is LIVE-- so click below to listen on iTunes or view listening options HERE.

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