Monday, April 10, 2017

FIRST EPISODE: The New Girl (book 1 in the series)



Sweater Count-- 3
Romances-- LOVE TRIANGLE!!  Anna/Cory/Lisa
Locations-- 444 Fear Street (Anna's house), Simon Fear's "burned out" mansion, the old abandoned old abandoned Mill, Division Street, Pizza Oven
Kills- 1 cat, 1 roadkill animal (are we counting kills that happen before the book started?? If so, 1 sister)
Most dated reference-- Ditto Machine (there's also a Walkman appearance)

Mia's Theories-- Fight Club theory (Cory made Anna up), Metaphor for drugs, Anna & Brad conspired to scare Cory so he would stop stalking her
Cassi's Theories-- Anna's a ghost, the whole thing is Cory's elaborate sex fantasy, it's actually a Lisa Fight Club thing to get Cory to love her.
Michelle's Non-Theory-- Where is Robert Stack?

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