Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fifth Episode: Sunburn

The FIFTH episode of WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID ON FEAR STREET is available!!!

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Sunburn Stats

Characters- Claudia Walker, Marla Drexel, Joy Birkin, Sophie Moore, Daniel aka Ghostboy
Locations- Summerhaven
Romances- Claudia/Daniel, Joy-Sophie/Carl-Dean
Fashions- White tennis shorts, spandex shorts, denim shorts w/ GAP t-shirt
Kills- 2, plus 1 dog
Most Dated Reference- writing letters by snail mail, VHS tape, floatation belts

Cassi's Theory- Hospitals don't exist. DC Universe-- Claudia is Supergirl, Marla's dad is Bruce Wayne.  Arkham Asylum. This is really Jurassic Park.
Michelle's Theory- Robot Sharks.

Cassi's PSAs- Be nice to your sister.  Swimming in riptide info.  How to deal with sunburn.


Michelle- 3/5 Robot Sharks
Mia- 3/5 Electrocutions
Cassi- 4/5 Near Death Experiences

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